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Landman 411 Series: Encumbrances 3.00 CEU

Landman 411 Series: Encumbrances

Easements, Liens & Mortgages, Zoning & Land Use Regulation

Covers the limitations on use and enjoyment that affect the ownership of property.  Start by discussing physical encumbrances, such as easements and roadways.  Also covers rivers and streams in this segment, and explore how to determine if a road or stream is an easement, or under separate ownership of another, and how we apportion ownership underneath if it is an easement.  Next, cover financial encumbrances, such as mortgages and liens.  Finally, cover regulatory encumbrances, such as zoning, endangered species act, and other regulatory restrictions that impact our ability to drill wells (with the exception of well permitting by a state conservation agency, which is covered in a later class).

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