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Held By Production and Royalty Issues Webinar
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August 11, 2020
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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6.00 CEU

Course Level:  Overview

An overview level provides a general review of a subject area from a broad perspective. These programs may be appropriate for individuals at all organizational levels.


Course Description:

AAPL's Held by Production and Royalties full-day webinar is designed to address a variety of issues that arise when an oil and gas lease is beyond its primary term.  The course is for both the in-house and title landman as it relates to perpetuating a lease beyond the primary term or preparing leases for a potential acquisition or divestiture.


The first half of the webinar focuses on maintaining leases beyond their primary term.  First, the webinar will address perpetuating a lease beyond its primary term, including discussion of operations provisions and an analysis of when a lease may be maintained by production in paying quantities.  Additionally, the webinar will discuss issues concerning the acreage that may be retained once the primary term of the lease has expired.  Second, the webinar will address perpetuating a lease utilizing either a shut-in royalty provision or a force majeure provision and the interaction between shut-in and force majeure provisions.  Third, the webinar will  provide an analysis of royalty issues arising under federal leases and the methods by which a federal lease may be extended beyond its primary term.  The first half of the webinar will conclude with a discussion regarding compulsory pooling and allocation wells.  


The second half of the webinar focuses on royalty issues relating to oil and gas leases.  First, the webinar will analyze interpretation of nonparticipating royalty interests and whether those interests are fixed or floating nonparticipating royalty interests.  The webinar will also examine recent caselaw developments delineating the duties owed by the executive right owner to a nonparticipating royalty owner.  Second, the webinar will discuss strategies for resolving royalty disputes, including suspending interests, interpleader actions and mineral receiverships.  Finally, the webinar will conclude with a discussion of when post-production expenses may be deducted from royalty payments.


The webinar is presented in a generalized fashion.  Key differences between the laws of different states will be discussed where it is relevant to that topic.


Course Topics:

Leases Held by Production and Retained Acreage Issues

Shut-In and Force Majeure Provisions

Federal Leases: Royalties and Extensions

Compulsory Pooling and Allocation Wells

Nonparticipating Royalties and Executive Rights

Resolving Royalty Disputes

Deduction of Post-Production Expenses


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