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Back to Landman's Legal Handbook, Fifth edition
Landman's Legal Handbook, Fifth edition

Landman's Legal Handbook, Fifth edition

This completely updated edition of the Landman’s Legal Handbook, the essential landman’s reference for over 50 years, provides detailed guidance on the rules, regulations, procedures, and contracts relating to exploration for and production of oil, gas, and other minerals. The Handbook also includes 32 practical forms landmen use on a regular basis, such as affidavits, subordination documents, and releases; and 16 appendices including essential checklists for coal, oil and gas, hard mineral, and geothermal leases; land measurement units and conversions; and notary block requirements by state. Led by Kent Davis, the Handbook was written and revised by expert landmen and attorneys, and edited by the Foundation.

New chapters include:

  • Unconventional plays and the legal and operational changes related to such development
  • Split estate and surface access issues
  • NEPA planning
  • Examination of title to unpatented mining claims

Fully updated content covers:

  • Acquisition of minerals other than oil and gas
  • Real property records and instruments
  • Succession
  • Agencies and commissions involved in managing mineral development
  • Curative work for leasehold estates
  • Spacing, pooling, and unitization

“If there is one word to sum up this book, it is “encyclopedic”. . . . the Landman’s Legal Handbook contains information that I haven’t read in any other books, and the depth in which the material is reviewed is fabulous.” Randy Young,

Published August 2013 Softcover Volume – 450 pages ISBN 978-1-882047-65-9

  • List Price: $140.00
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Landman's Legal Handbook, Fifth edition
Back to Landman's Legal Handbook, Fifth edition

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